Tickle v3.5.0

June 13, 2017


  • Switch ORM backend from MongoMapper to Mongoid
  • Update from Rails 4.1.11 to Rails 5.1.1

Tickle v3.4.0

May 9, 2017

This is a big one, looking at the time since last. Unfortunately roughly 1200 commits wouldn't fit on this page, so this summary will have to suffice:


  • Extracted ISMS tool into
  • Updated content editor and made image handling more convenient
  • Updated template system on page creation
  • Added default widgets for content zones
  • Increased page widget editor size
  • Added Immo ticklet
  • Added VlaVirGem ticklet
  • Added content theme concept
  • Serve theme assets through basic middleware
  • Added Amazon S3 asset support
  • Added Mailgun support
  • Complete CAR backend overhaul including many new features
  • Condensed backend settings page
  • Added more refined system template functionality in themes
  • Updated password hash crypto provider
  • Added exhibitors and discount codes to EventRegistrations
  • Added Analytics ticklet
  • Added theme editor user preferences
  • Added search to form submissions index
  • Added global form submission index tab
  • Added Reservations ticklet including Stripe and Bancontact integration
  • Made password resets for non-user contacts smarter
  • Much, much more.

Tickle v3.3.1

February 7, 2016


  • CAR: Add assisting organization email to backend registration details
  • CAR: Add follow_number field to schools
  • CAR: Fix typo
  • Core: Add form submissions widget
  • Core: Add linkedin publishing options to blog form
  • Core: Add linkedin to blog post publish functionality
  • Core: Add storage used progressbar to dashboard sidebar
  • Core: Filter assets by role in sidebar
  • Core: Update login layout
  • Newsletters: Fix broken redirects
  • V-ICT-OR: Various ISO tool fixes/features
  • Workrooms: Add direct download link to linked files in events
  • Workrooms: Add better error handler for weekly digest
  • Workrooms: Show multiple event files on new lines

Tickle v3.3.0

January 27, 2016


  • CAR: Add audit notice
  • CAR: Add BOM to csv exports
  • CAR: Add capacity option to school/llg
  • CAR: Add default email footer
  • CAR: Add footer email template option
  • CAR: Add help text to manual distance option
  • CAR: Change buso question type to radio buttons
  • CAR: Change email intro
  • CAR: Consistent indicator view
  • CAR: Fix various bugs
  • Core: Add linkedin share link liquid filter
  • Core: Add products to search view
  • Core: Add published_at to blog post liquid object
  • Core: Add search to blog posts
  • Core: Add url to twitter share
  • Core: Automatically generate thumbs
  • Core: Moved most settings to one page
  • Core: Dont automatically show form submission edit form
  • Core: Fix expand-all
  • Core: Fix HTTPS assets
  • Core: Fix node index permissions
  • Core: Fix subdomain node index
  • Core: Fix subdomain redirect bug
  • Core: Fix subdomain theme selector
  • Core: Indicate when browsing as superuser
  • Core: Load node children through ajax
  • Core: Optimize site_navigation
  • Core: Optimize valid_parent_nodes
  • Core: Potentially fix subdomain redirects
  • Core: Reduce amount of versions kept
  • Core: Retrieve node image if possible
  • Core: Security Rails update
  • Core: Start workers at end of deploy
  • Core: Various node index performance improvements
  • Core: Update FontAwesome
  • Core: Switch to minimagick to optimize and resize images
  • Core: Better visual separation of edit/delete actions
  • CRM: Add links to filter orgs by type and knowledge region
  • EventRegistrations: Add user's organization groups to price determination
  • EventRegistrations: Always return integer type for price
  • EventRegistrations: Make sure group combination is unique
  • EventRegistrations: Stop requiring answers for now
  • Events: Allow category selection in widget
  • Events: Fix exception
  • Events: Various bugfixes
  • Events: Optimize upcoming events query
  • Events: Re-add organization for crm
  • Forums: Fix button bugs
  • Forums: Fix editor in HTTPS connections
  • Forums: Fix permission issues
  • Products: Add available field
  • Products: Add to site search
  • Products: Support sorting of categories
  • Reservations: Added ticklet
  • V-ICT-OR: Add frontend for ISO threats
  • V-ICT-OR: Add ISO information system entity
  • V-ICT-OR: Fix confirm dialog
  • V-ICT-OR: Fix safety plan layout bug
  • V-ICT-OR: Fix wiki page title display bug
  • V-ICT-OR: Require login for certain actions
  • V-ICT-OR: Show 0 if NaN
  • V-ICT-OR: Show question set in ISO tool wiki page index
  • V-ICT-OR: Stop using slug for url in wiki pages
  • VlaVirGem: Added ticklet
  • Workrooms: Fix buttons
  • Workrooms: Fix category color width
  • Workrooms: Fix search bug
  • Workrooms: Fix websockets protocol
  • Workrooms: Include more fields in workroom digest action
  • Workrooms: Properly format user question dates
  • Workrooms: Set default digest recipient ids array

Tickle v3.2.3

November 19, 2015


  • CAR: Add input mask for birthdates
  • CAR: Fix possible backend error
  • CAR: Fix typos
  • Core: Add setting for subdomain sessions
  • Core: Fix asset linking in new nodes
  • Core: Fix datepicker in blog post published_at
  • Core: Fix dialog box text visibility
  • Core: Fix form validation layout
  • Core: Fix mce primary button style
  • Core: Make sure root node is always in sitemap xml
  • Core: Make sure to always count node hits
  • EventRegistrations: Deliver reminder email
  • EventRegistrations: Show submitter in form submission view when applicable
  • Events: Fix calendar arrow
  • Newsletters: Fix datepicker

Tickle v3.2.2

October 12, 2015


  • Core: Add blogposts as blog children in node index API
  • Core: Add node index API endpoint
  • Core: Assume Dutch as default locale
  • Core: Don't limit children of root node in node index API
  • Core: No turbolinks when clicking new blogpost link
  • Core: Properly expose nodes in API
  • Core: Support limit of amount of children retrieved in node API
  • PrivateMessages: Fix message deletion and add sender validation
  • PrivateMessages: Translate default message quoting template string
  • RelationshipManagement: Don't unnecessarily expose certain urls
  • RelationshipManagement: Load contact email when available when converting to user
  • RelationshipManagement: Save sort filters as well as current page

Tickle v3.2.1

October 7, 2015


  • Core: Add help message to asset linking sidebar tab
  • Core: Add new blogpost link to node index
  • Core: Don't automatically set date when datepicker opens
  • Core: Fix backwards asset toggle link color
  • Core: Fix bootstrap modal bug preventing textbox from being usable
  • Core: Fix datepicker
  • Core: Use native JS methods where possible
  • Events: Translate calendar strings
  • RelationshipManagement: Allow organizations to be removed by admins
  • RelationshipManagement: Order groups in person/organization form sidebar by name
  • RelationshipManagement: Save page filter in continue path
  • CAR: Escape search regex
  • CAR: Use more background jobs

Tickle v3.2.0

October 1, 2015


  • Core: Add ES6 javascript processor
  • Core: Add file count limit to drag&drop uploading
  • Core: Fix ace editor cpu usage by setting jsx mode explicitly
  • Core: Fix sitemap showing draft content
  • Core: Fix tooltips
  • Core: Show js file type in index
  • Core: Stop using old images for asset linking
  • Core: Update Bootstrap
  • Core: Use JS for clipboard copying, getting rid of flash
  • Core: Update most dependency versions
  • Core: Update robots.txt

Tickle v3.1.8

September 30, 2015


  • Core: Add message inbox link to backend header
  • Core: Fix possible AJAX save bug
  • Core: Fix possible Ruby 1.9 error
  • Core: Fix profile overview bug
  • Core: Fix widget template editing bug
  • Core: Linked files to nodes are now shown in descending order from creation
  • Core: Normalize ace editor fonts and sizes
  • Core: Slightly reduce memory usage by using frozen strings in many places
  • ExternalAuthentications: Make Facebook OAuth API permissions more relaxed
  • ExternalAuthentications: Translate providers properly, and add overview in backend
  • FrontendProfiles: Add icons if available
  • FrontendProfiles: Fix ISO Tool action visibility
  • PrivateMessages: Don't load all user fields in new message form

Tickle v3.1.7

September 22, 2015


  • Core: Change font source
  • Core: Force UTF8 encoding in more places
  • Core: Remove unnecessary string aliases
  • Core: Send encoding error mail through job
  • Core: Small adjustment to form submission export
  • Core: Support double quotes in google_analytics liquid tag
  • Core: Translate contentblock header
  • EventRegistrations: Add chosen options to export
  • EventRegistrations: Don't show entry fee when no prices are present
  • EventRegistrations: Fix bug
  • ExternalAuthentications: Convert EID cert to Unix lineendings
  • ExternalAuthentications: Re-enable EID settings
  • ExternalAuthentications: Update FEDICT certificates
  • ExternalAuthentications: Update ruby-saml version
  • ExternalAuthentications: Use correct SAML binding
  • ExternalAuthentications: Change SAML url to include www.
  • Products: Add save and continue editing button to product form