Tickle v3.1.1


  • Add link to tickle version in dashboard
  • Add Tickle version to Dashboard index
  • Adjust Tickle::Organizations#show telephone/email UI slighty
  • CAR: Extract audit formatting into helper
  • CAR: Fix backend permissions and add registration auditing system
  • CAR: Format audit log as nicely as possible
  • CAR: Indicate when audit change was empty
  • CAR: Make allocation filtering more flexible and allow for multiple selections
  • CAR: Rename place calculation algorithm system messages
  • Core: Add Phyxin logo to side bottom
  • Core: Always downcase person email after validation
  • Core: Eliminate text-shadow everywhere
  • Core: Fix subdomains index actions width
  • Core: one -> has_one
  • Core: Remove ClearSans as font-face
  • Core: Remove codemirror files
  • Core: Resize Phyxin logo
  • Core: Restyle flash messages
  • Core: Track form CRUD activity
  • Core: Translate activity actions on dashboard
  • EventRegistrations: Don't set reminder job when run_at would be in the past
  • Events: Track event CRUD activity
  • Fix so that confirm dialog actually shows when removing an authentication method
  • Forums: Track forum CRUD activity
  • FrontendProfiles: Fix for bug preventing single organizations from showing on profile page
  • Newsletters: Track newsletter CRUD activity
  • Refactor Authentication.find_from_hash
  • Show entire list of categories in WorkroomFile index, replacing the select list
  • V-ICT-OR: Re-add organization edit page to frontend

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