Tickle v3.1.7


  • Core: Change font source
  • Core: Force UTF8 encoding in more places
  • Core: Remove unnecessary string aliases
  • Core: Send encoding error mail through job
  • Core: Small adjustment to form submission export
  • Core: Support double quotes in google_analytics liquid tag
  • Core: Translate contentblock header
  • EventRegistrations: Add chosen options to export
  • EventRegistrations: Don't show entry fee when no prices are present
  • EventRegistrations: Fix bug
  • ExternalAuthentications: Convert EID cert to Unix lineendings
  • ExternalAuthentications: Re-enable EID settings
  • ExternalAuthentications: Update FEDICT certificates
  • ExternalAuthentications: Update ruby-saml version
  • ExternalAuthentications: Use correct SAML binding
  • ExternalAuthentications: Change SAML url to include www.
  • Products: Add save and continue editing button to product form

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