Tickle v3.4.0

This is a big one, looking at the time since last. Unfortunately roughly 1200 commits wouldn't fit on this page, so this summary will have to suffice:


  • Extracted ISMS tool into https://informatieveiligheid.be
  • Updated content editor and made image handling more convenient
  • Updated template system on page creation
  • Added default widgets for content zones
  • Increased page widget editor size
  • Added Immo ticklet
  • Added VlaVirGem ticklet
  • Added content theme concept
  • Serve theme assets through basic middleware
  • Added Amazon S3 asset support
  • Added Mailgun support
  • Complete CAR backend overhaul including many new features
  • Condensed backend settings page
  • Added more refined system template functionality in themes
  • Updated password hash crypto provider
  • Added exhibitors and discount codes to EventRegistrations
  • Added Analytics ticklet
  • Added theme editor user preferences
  • Added search to form submissions index
  • Added global form submission index tab
  • Added Reservations ticklet including Stripe and Bancontact integration
  • Made password resets for non-user contacts smarter
  • Much, much more.

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